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Just as Yat-Kha or Huun-Huur-Tu will transport you to the Eurasian Steppe and Tinariwen to the Sahara, with pure, elemental traces of place, the music of 3hattrio could only have emerged from one source – the landscape around them.

There are many terms tossed cheaply around these days. Just think how many times you have read something described as unique when, plainly it’s nonsense.

Where 3hatrrio and the extraordinarily evocative music they play is concerned, it’s undeniable Just as the Delta has its blues or Appalachia its mountain music, in the case of the 3hattrio, inspiration comes from the deserts of southern Utah.

The songs are mostly original, but even when enjoying a spot of recycling, the gems that came from others are given a distinctive American Desert Music dust down.

They create something that responds to the natural world of their sacred homeland near Zion National Park, and acknowledge the cultural traditions of generations of people who have worked and lived on the deserts of the great southwest. They have been called “fascinating,” “original and addictive,” “uncommon,” “enchanting,”…and, yes, “unique.”

HAL CANNON sings lead vocals and plays banjo and guitar. He also writes many of the hat's songs, Respected as a folklorist, songwriter and radio producer, his early musical life was dedicated to capturing the beauty and styling of 19th century folk music of the American West. He lives in a pecan orchard in the old pioneer village of Pocketville,

GREG ISTOCK plays stand-up bass, handles foot percussion, sings lead and contributes extensively on the writing front. Offstage, he is a multi-instrumentalist. He has explored Caribbean music for years and has a passion for experimental jazz. Greg produces, arranges and engineers the records.

ELI WRANKLE has played violin since age of four and is an accomplished performer with a particularly groovy style of his own. He is both the apprentice to the group AND the old soul with a fresh ear. His family is steeped in the arts and lives in Toquerville, Utah.

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