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from the album "To Build a Fire"

from the album "To Build a Fire"


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Cam Penner

Cam Penner has carved his own path.

He’s done it the hard way. Now, it seems that his time has come.

He has that rare quality – a well-grounded human spirit.

In another life he might have been a Shaman.

The music he plays - and energy generated - has won him many friends, fans and admirers.

Cam's stunning album, To Build a Fire, part folk/part rock ‘n' roll, found the man breathing fire into every note and lyric. It was full of everything we should be looking for, not only musically, but in life.

It was that record that finally brought him to the attention of a wider audience in 2015 when tracks were chosen as the backdrop to the major BBC 2 TV drama, Stonemouth.

When Cam and his constant playing buddy, Jon Wood, toured the UK on the back of that, it was clear that many had become entranced by what they do, following the nationwide exposure.

Their headline show at the 2016 Celtic Connections Festival attracted a capacity crowd. The reviews were as glowing as the performances and followed them wherever they went. Leading Americana blogger Paul Kerr said they were “mesmerising,” while radio presenter Mike Ritchie described them as “masterful - an utterly compelling duo.”

The ‘live’ show is bigger and brighter than before, spontaneously grand and fragile at the same time. Percussive elements and layered guitar techniques have added rich texture.

Since stepping out aged 18, Cam has experienced more raw humanity than most would encounter in a lifetime. He has dedicated a big slice of his time to helping the homeless and destitute, volunteering in soup kitchens and shelters, work he still immerses himself in when time permits today.

Reviewing the powerful new album, Sex & Politics, for Acoustic magazine, respected writer Julian Piper said it was "totally glorious, totally unique and maybe as fine as music's likely to get in 2016."

“Astonishing” – David Innes, R2 magazine

“Stunning” – David Esson, The Daily Express

“Extraordinary” – Mike Morrison, AmericanRootsUK

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