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Mother Earth

A Stone On A Beach

The Other Man



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Bronwynne Brent

Sacred Heart or shape note singing, especially when it comes from the source, can have you riveted to the spot. When it's a hymn that has a special resonance with your own particular emotional button, the goosepimple rush is something to behold.

When we first head cua (no capital letter) delivering their no-holds-barred a cappella take on where we are in this 21st century - via their extraordinarily potent The Other Man – it had the same effect.

It’s a stop-you-in-your-tracks, anthem for the times we are living in. Their timing is perfect. We’d all better give ourselves a shake or the future’s looking grim.

Now, if that sounds just a tad too dark and gloomy, fear not.

This band is making music that is uplifting and life-affirming. It's what’s rapidly establishing them as one of the most popular to come out of Ireland for many years. The word-of-mouth buzz is tingling.

We need people like John Davidson, Shane Booth and Ros O'Meara in our lives. Their music grabs you by the scruff if the neck and demands attention.

If the subject matter is powerful, the instrumental delivery and onstage performance is equally impressive as guitars, fiddle, bouzouki, percussion and three-part vocal harmonies combine to create a world music folk styling broadly described as Atlantean - a neo-classical approach that energises the music and rhythm structures, inspired by the history, landscape and peoples of the Atlantic areas.

These leading song-writers and composers came together to start their collaboration from a combined 90 years of musical experience, individual character and travels. In the process, a truly ‘meant to be’ connection has grown into something very special.

There are elements of trad folk, jazz, classical and American roots music, and they pick and mix their colourful palette with inspiration from them all. The end result is music that defies listing in any handy compartment. Who do they most admire? The span reaches from Andy Irvine and CSN&Y to Stephane Grapelli & Django Reinhardt, Planxty and Shanakua.

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