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Run Mollie Run

From the album
"Skinny Mammy's Revenge"

Dyin Bed Blues
From the
"Skinny Mammy's Revenge"


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Hillfolk Noir
Filtered through a half-century of folk, country and rock ‘n’ roll, and fed by family history and an affinity for acoustic mountain music, medicine show culture and Depression-era string-band blues, Hillfolk Noir are a truly compelling package.

Travis and Ali Ward, the husband-and-wife half of the touring quartet (the Hillfolk handle also applies when Travis performs solo or leads a duo or trio), grew up in Sandpoint, Idaho, near the Canadian border where ghostly echoes of the region’s settlers reverberate off the walls of the valley.

Though the history of their native soil informs their music, it wasn’t until Travis and Ali moved to Boise independent of each other that they met. And, what a perfect pairing it was.

Hillfolk Noir’s contribution to this century-old language has been described as a dark, country-tinged, swampy-swingin’, hillbilly-delta-blues-ragtime word machine. The band’s invented name for its singular sound is Junkerdash.

“We make the music for ourselves because we love it; we are having a great time and hopefully that is infectious,” Travis says.

After they toured over here for the first time in 2012, they returned home with a pocketful of great reviews – and many invitations to return.

Bob Harris was the first to pick up on their distinctive style, and playing tracks from the well-received Radio Hour album, told listeners to his BBC Radio 2 show they were “amazing”

Others were equally complimentary as the positive reaction followed them around…:

“A beautiful blend of folk, country and rock 'n' roll with Depression-era inspired string band blues and hillbilly ideals” – The List

“They’re great!” - Frank Hennessy at BBC Radio Wales

“The jugband tradition is alive and more than well; they bring a punky, spunky spirit to the blues and old-time” – Rob Adams, The Herald

“I love this” – Ricky Ross, BBC Radio Scotland

“Roots music with attitude!” – Steve Amos, R2 (Rock ‘n’ Reel) magazine

We also like this great US media quote: “If John Steinbeck owned a speakeasy, Hillfolk Noir would be the house band.”
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