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Markus K on Facebook


“What a groove!”

It’s the one comment Markus K hears more than any on busking forays that have taken him to towns and cities all over Europe and Asia on his free-spirited odyssey.

And it’s not just onlookers who have lingered long enough to get themselves captivated by the street performance, who tell him they’ve savoured being there in the special moment with him.

Online, his travels have been recorded place-by-place and many fans faithfully follow his progress and leave similar comments.

Globally, some of the videos posted have attracted huge numbers of views. His playing has had such a big ripple effect that there are many followers in many different countries who eagerly await the next instalment.

Footage filmed in Prague attracted 67k views on Facebook in the space of a few weeks.

Blues fusionist Markus is the ultimate modern day ‘one man band,’ using, guitar, voice, percussion - and a looper - to build rich textures for his blues-infused original songs and reworks of classics.

Originally from Holland, he lived in the UK for 28 years, where he fronted the excellent power trio GILES, but he got struck by a burst of wanderlust and began travelling worldwide.

In 2017, he toured Europe almost continuously, always setting up on the sidewalk in each destination, and causing much excitement and admiration.

“Playing on the street has been my most rewarding experience. There is a very direct connection with people from all ages and walks of life and the response has been amazing,” he says.

When performing in clubs and theatres, he likes to throw an invitation out to find one or two local musicians to join him onstage for a tune or two, always keen to throw it wide open for a section of the set to see what transpires.

“I love jamming with people along the way – it’s always a great fun experience.”

At concerts, his extraordinary mastery of vocals, guitar, drumbeat and looper is accompanied by colourful anecdotes from his adventures.

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