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The Jellyman's Daughter
Martha Fields is a no-nonsense treasure at a time when it’s easy to despair about lack of substance and character…Gloriously down-to-earth with great stories to tell from a life well lived and a family tree that has multi-cultural and widespread roots, she also has a band that will stop you in your tracks.

What else to say? We’ll let respected writer David Innes take up the story. Reviewing a performance in Aberdeen, he said it had been a stand-out highlight.

"Leaving aside the jaw-dropping quality of the music that Martha Fields, Olivier Leclerc and Manu Bertrand created during a memorable Blue Lamp evening, it’s almost possible to give a full flavour of an astonishing evening’s entertainment by merely re-telling the tales and song back-stories offered to us by an engaging artist unequivocally passionate about her art.

“Proving that blues, country and mountain music are all cuts of the same vine, both giving and taking from gospel, the religious revival of Appalachia was represented by a haunting, uplifting What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?

…“Joanna was evidence that she is a master of her craft. A personal delight was the trio’s covering my man Jimmy Reed’s Baby What You Want Me To Do, segued with You Don’t Have To Go, following it up with Lonesome Road Blues.

“And if Martha is a writer of high quality songs, an exquisite interpreter, and a top quality performer, fiddler Olivier Leclerc and Manu Bertrand playing dobro and banjo, are her ideal accompanists. And, guess what? They’re having fun as they entertain. Each displays complete instrumental mastery, adding bite and piquancy to the set, dropping in solos of scintillating dexterity, but always with feeling and soul. I’m sure too, that the occasional Gallic traces in Parisian Olivier’s fiddle lines are intuitive, adding immeasurably to his already-extravagant melodies.

“This was, without doubt, among the best shows seen in our city for years, and Almost Blue Promotions deserve gratitude for bringing an act of such quality to enthral us.”

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