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Hillfolk Noir
The heart of traditional music is a living, beating thing, pulling fresh blood continually through its chambers to re-energise and re-invent itself.

Few duos today understand the inner pulse of traditional American music like Red Tail Ring.

Whether creating new songs, adding to well-established traditions or firing up old banjo and fiddle tunes, they are always pushing the bar to new heights.

When people we respect talk about the music of Michael Beauchamp and Laurel Premo, you'll hear them say it “oozes quality.” Everything they touch has that same hallmark, such is their depth of character and level of integrity at play.

They built their early reputation through first having a revivalist fervour, but their natural ability to build creative focus around that core, has won them many friends and admirers around the world

“We love pushing the boundaries of what a traditional song can be,” says Beauchamp. “It informs how we write our original material. There’s a real energy exchange between the old and the new.”

That all became apparent in 2011 when their first recordings made such a powerful impact, and they sustained that momentum in 2013, forging even stronger links a year later when they collaborated in a wider circle and produced two joint releases - The New Roots Exchange, a vinyl project created with Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys, and The Right Hands Round - a recording of brakes-off square dance music with the super-sharp stringband, Bowhunter.

Based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, when their stunning 2016-issued album, Fall Away Blues emerged, it was clear they had reached new heights that were set to establish them as a major force on the circuit. Writing in fRoots magazine, the publication’s deputy editor, Sarah Coxson declared they had produced something that was “gorgeous,” praised their “sublime aesthetic” and said it presented “an intelligent take on ancient and modern themes delivered with sparse and affecting grace.”

At Ireland’s premier Americana website, Lonesome Highway, writer Paul McGee said: “My favourite folk/roots release this year.”

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