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It was back in 2004 that Terry Lee Hale first appeared on our radar with a best-of double CD that made us sit up and declare “who the heck’s THAT!”

Since then, the man has continued to write, record and perform as an unstoppable force, his most recent album the most powerful piece of work to date.

He bounced back on to our radar again in 2017 when he flew in from his base in Marseille, to play a short run of UK dates. The feedback was impressive.

As a young man he'd travelled extensively, living and learning.

Way back then, Terry Lee was a solo fixture on the Seattle scene, playing the clubs and bars with his open guitar tunings and dark, dangerous songs. Seattle was changing. From being a backwater, it was suddenly America’s most liveable city, and the underground music scene was beginning to break out nationally. This had been his home far longer than anywhere else, but musically he still didn’t fit in. In a place supposedly free and easy, but where the musical lines were sharply etched, he remained the consummate outsider.

Then in 1992 there was a phone call from Germany asking if he’d be interested in having his self-released cassette Oh What A World released by Normal Records as a CD/LP in Europe.

In 1993 he toured on the Continent, making friends in France, and within a few years was spending more time there than in the US.

Years of creativity followed. A series of records were released Europe-wide and along with constant touring, both as a solo act and with various bands, he was well able to enjoy a good living as a full time musician. In 2013, Terry Lee Hale came back after a three-year break from recording with The Long Draw on Glitterhouse Records, and Bound, Chained, Fettered appeared in 2016, built from truthful stories sung with a voice that reflects and carries the emotional weight of time, obstacles overcome and wisdom earned.

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