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Silver Days

The Way I Love You Now


Path To Follow
Nashville's Music City Roots TV show


The Way I Love You Now


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They’ve been spreading a particularly infectious brand of joy on their travels across the USA with a camaraderie that’s rare and joie de vivre that is simply inspirational.

Voted Chicago’s best Emerging Artist in 2014, the band captivates audiences with a lively stage show that lifts the spirits…and has created quite a buzz with unplugged, off-stage encores and propensity for performing self-titled, “rest-stomps” - free acoustic sets at rest & truck stops along their tour routes.

There is an overwhelming feeling of generosity that is driven by lashings of youthful love-of-life zest that’s bursting with sincerity. Watch the faces of those heading home at the end of the show and what you will find is a sea of smiles

Playing, performing and writing together for just two years, the Wanderers have built an enthusiastic and fast-growing following and were finalists in the 2015 International Song-writing Competition.

In the States, they have important sections of the media on their side and have been winning compliments such as “enchanting”, “uplifting,” “vibrant,” “luxuriant,”, “exquisite,” “barn-burning” and “sparkling.”

The band first threw down the gauntlet and created an impressive early impact when they delivered two EPs - "Path to Follow” and the ‘live’ offering, “Wellspring.”

The first full-length album, produced by Mike Marsh of the Avett Brothers and recorded at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, which got its Stateside release in mid-2016, is said my many commentators to be their highlight of the year – both in American and Europe too.

Front-men and founders, Austin Thompson and Collin Krause, met in their hometown of Peoria, Illinois, when they joined the same folk band and embarked on their first tour as teenagers. They were later joined by John Merikoski (drums), John Williams (upright bass) and Travis Kowalsy (banjo and fiddle) to complete the line-up.

When they played showcases in Nashville that entire tough-to-please town went totally gaga with delight.

One reviewer concluded they were “set to take the world by storm” – and that’s precisely what we’ve been thinking too.

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