The Resonant Rogues

It’s as close as it gets to a magic carpet ride when The Resonant Rogues – Sparrow and Keith Josiah Smith – and kindred spirits Daniel Lannucci and Daisy Castro (blessed with the same adventurous spirit) transport us to places not visited before.

Here’s a band so deeply rooted in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina that their boots are caked with the feldspar, mica, and quartz of the Appalachian soil.

BUT, it’s bohemian Asheville that they call home – and this vibrantly inventive incarnation materialises from a fascinating diet evolved from a home patch tradition that is richly cross-cultural but gains further patina whenever wanderlust is an irresistible force.

The couple have lived the life. We are reaping the benefits.

In recent years, they’ve indulged a desire to travel that has taken them to many colourful corners to meet characters who connect with the past through generations of culture and heritage.

And, as all musicians who connect on the right level do, they absorbed and accepted the imprints that occurred, allowing their free spirits to emerge with something to say, just as painters do when they are inspired.

Close your eyes and you may feel like you are in the famous Chez Louisette that nestles like a pearl in the fleamarket of Saint Ouen, Paris; or are we partying by a crackling campfire deep inside a Balkan forest? You may sense the pulsating rhythms of those little settle-on-a-cushion cafes in the alleys that spread out from Istanbul’s Grand Bazzar where Türkü songs are sweatily spiced and emotionally charged. There are subtle flavours of the Romani people who spread from Asia across Eastern Europe to provide the very heartbeat that stirred the blood of all of the Manouche greats.

They call themselves “old-fashioned originals” and have a style that has impressed music lovers from the Australian Outback to Budapest and New Orleans.

Folk mag fRoots said the band’s heady mix was guaranteed to deliver thrills, while Songlines called them “exceptional.”